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Across Indiana, approximately 1 in 4 people have a mental illness. Your support of Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI) is a gift that changes lives leading people to treatment and better understanding of their condition. We know that treatment for mental illness and addictions is effective in saving lives, which means your support can mean the difference between life and death.

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Donate your tax-deductible gift with us easily online to help us support our mission for improving, educating and advocating mental health.

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Support MHAI

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MHAI and its subsidiaries work to make systems of care more accessible to all aspects of mental health and addictions from cradle to old age.

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Ways to give

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There are a multiple methods to donate to MHAI and its subsidiaries by giving online, telephone, mail, in person, or on one of our social media pages.

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Gifts at work

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With your gift, we will not only continue our programs, we will continue to grow our programs and to add programs that are needed in our community.

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Types of donations

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You can donate once or recurring, as a memorial, or with further support options like donating vehicles, or purchases with our partners like Amazon.

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Amazon will donate a percentage from your purchases when you shop at Amazon. Sign in to your Amazon account through Amazon Smile.

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Together, we make voices heard on equal access to care, federal funding, treatment and prevention. Join our movement.

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Our subsidiaries collaborate together to improve mental health

Together, MHAI and its subsidiaries help protect mental health initiatives by developing ways to connect resources and address people’s needs who live with mental illness to achieve mental health victory.

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