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Are you experiencing feelings of hopelessness as you watch a family member struggling to cope with a mental illness or addiction?

Do you, as a consumer of mental health and addiction services, have questions or concerns about your rights?

The Indiana Mental Health and Addiction Ombudsman is a program to help people who use the mental health and addiction services system throughout Indiana.

What is an Ombudsman?
An Ombudsman helps you understand and use the mental health and addiction system in Indiana. The Ombudsman also can assist you in a problem resolution.

Call The Mental Health and Addiction Ombudsman if you are in need of mental health and addiction services, but don’t know where to turn.

Phone: 1-800-555-6424 ext. 1239 or at 317-638-3501 ext. 1239 or Email Kris Griffin at

Who should call?
Consumers of mental health and addiction services.· Family members.· People that are interested in learning about: Local mental health and addiction services, Treatment and care issues, Consumer Rights when using the system. All client calls are confidential.

The MHS Member Ombudsman program is a partnership between MHS and Mental Health America of Indiana.

An ombudsman is someone who works to help you get a problem solved.

MHS members can contact an ombudsman for free to discuss any problems they may be having with MHS, MHS services, MHS doctors or any other part of their healthcare.

The ombudsman is neutral, so they do not side with MHS or the Medicaid program.

The ombudsman will work with you to get your problem solved.

If you are an MHS member (or a legal representative)
Please call if:

  • You have unresolved questions about your MHS benefits or services.
  • You want to know what your MHS rights and responsibilities are for your MHS coverage.
  • You need assistance with the appeals process, including filling out the proper paperwork, documenting verbal appeals or guidance through the appeals process.

If you want the assistance of an Ombudsman, please call them toll-free at 1-877-647-5326, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.