Harm Reduction & Crisis Stabilization

A mental health crisis is not planned. It cannot be scheduled. It can happen to anyone… anywhere… anytime…and can stem from a variety of circumstances, including new or pre-existing trauma, or an external event or disaster. Too often, that experience is met with delay, detainment, or even denial of service that can inhibit the hope, action, and recovery of the individuals affected.  

Considering this, Mental Health America of Indiana believes in the need to promote, provide, and educate about Harm Reduction and Crisis Stabilization programs designed to deescalate and improve psychological symptoms of distress until treatment, if necessary, can occur. These services are typically provided in a non-traditional healthcare setting and are comprised of an array of programs designed to reach individuals requiring immediate attention for mental health or substance use related symptoms. They include the provision of telephone “hotlines” and “warm lines,” engagement through virtual platforms, and mobile outreach. These quality crisis systems are further enhanced by harnessing data and technology, drawing on the expertise of those with lived experience, delivering trauma informed care, and providing evidence-based suicide intervention and prevention.

The Indiana Suicide Prevention Network (ISPN)

The Indiana Suicide Prevention Network (ISPN) collaborates on suicide prevention efforts to advance suicide prevention, creating and facilitating the state suicide prevention framework, and planning the Indiana Suicide Prevention Conference.