Mental Health America of Indiana focuses on the need for behavioral health professionals to receive education. Providing training and credentialing for workers to stay current with today’s best practices, skills, and standards is crucial to the success of MHAI and our state. Mental Health America of Indiana works to provide addiction professional testing to advance credentialing and training in substance use disorder prevention and treatment. MHAI also credentials recovery residences in Indiana through certification to ensure quality of service.

Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)

ICAADA, a subsidiary of Mental Health America of Indiana, provides credentialing and certification for behavioral health professionals. ICAADA provides behavioral health professionals with credentials, membership, and advocacy that validate the professionals’ competencies to provide person-focused, evidence-based behavioral health services.

Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences
Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences (INARR)

INARR is committed to provide fair, impartial support and encouragement to recovery residence providers who express a willingness to achieve compliance with the NARR Standard and INARR Code of Ethics. INARR is further committed to participate in academic research studies focused on ROSC, Recovery Management and residents’ personal development of Recovery Capital.