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There are currently no job openings at Mental Health America of Indiana, please check back later.

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Volunteer at Valley Vista Health Systems

Seeking volunteers to assist with support services at New Vista Outpatient Recovery Center (an Opioid Treatment Program) located in Greenwood, Indiana. Patients receiving services at our clinic have a primary Opioid Use Disorder. Since the start of the pandemic, like many other treatment centers, New Vista has experienced a significant increase in calls from prospective patients seeking services. Additionally, COVID has required the completion of additional support service tasks for the patients we serve. At this time, we are seeking individuals who are pursuing recovery coach or peer support credentials to volunteer in our program. We are able to provide hours and supervision needed to pursue those credentials. Volunteer positions are a great way to open the door for future employment opportunities. Volunteer hours are available 7 days/week, primarily between 5:30AM and 12:00PM. Please contact Kristen Primeau, Executive Director of Subacute Services, to obtain more information about this volunteer opportunity. 

Office Phone: (317) 883-5230

Email: kristen.primeau@uhsinc.com

Intern with us! If you are interested in joining us at Mental Health America of Indiana as an intern, please send your resume and cover letter to mgreenway@mhai.net