Mental Health America of Indiana brings together the behavioral health community in Indiana to inform and provide continuing education to those interested in the development of the behavioral health field. Our state-wide conferences are a way for consumers, advocates, professionals, and stakeholders to network and recognize new and innovative approaches in mental health and addiction. We know that continuing education is a crucial component to the success and progression of the behavioral health field. To learn more about how you can become involved or to attend our special events check out the conference descriptions below!

The Symposium

The Mental Health and Addiction Symposium is hosted each year in partnership with the Division of Mental Health and Addiction and the IU Department of Psychiatric Research. The purpose of this full day program is to offer individuals a wide range of behavioral health disciplines in order to discuss the latest advances in psychiatric research and treatment. Participants will learn how the latest research is positively affecting treatment for individuals with mental health and addictive disorders.

The Suicide Prevention Conference

The Indiana Suicide Prevention Conference serves as a forum to increase awareness about suicide and suicide prevention, intervention, and prevention efforts. This annual event offers participants the opportunity to learn about emerging research and programs; share experiences, data, and best practices related to suicide prevention, and celebrate the organizations, entities, and individuals who have made significant contributions to reducing and preventing suicides in Indiana.

Infancy Onward Conference

Please join us at our 2021 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference. We would love to have you at a Sponsor or Exhibitor. This is a great opportunity to network, collaborate, or be seen from organizations all across the state! We will be using Whova as our platform, so there will be options both online, and via an app. Please email for more information! Please feel free to share! Thank you!

The ICAN Conference

The Indiana Collegiate Action Network (ICAN) Annual Meeting is an opportunity for campus professionals to network with peers, learn from experts in the fields of substance use, mental health, and student services, and share evidence based practices. This interactive and informative conference is the only conference in Indiana focused on college students and the unique environment in which they live and learn.