Saving Lives Every Day (S.L.E.D) Corporation

S.L.E.D. (Saving Lives Every Day) has received $279,925.00 for the staffing and operational support of their men’s recovery home, Corey’s House.

S.L.E.D. is an emerging nonprofit, in the city of Indianapolis, that is determined to be the premier community partner for the underserved, marginalized, and formerly incarcerated. Their organization sees a world without poverty, identifying institutional obstacles and finding ways to remove barriers that will ensure more opportunities, reduce recidivism, take measured approach to crime reduction and eradicate inequities.

S.L.E.D.’s Health & Wellness Initiative will revolve around our Transitional House, called Corey’s House, for men who suffer from mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Corey’s House is a 4000 square ft. property that sits on 1.55 acres of land and will address the universal need of every human being, “a place to call home” and a communal gathering place for men who share the similar disparities.

At Corey’s House residents will reclaim their lives, becoming emotionally whole and prepared with skills that allow them to reunite with loved ones, achieve jobs with a livable wage and career developing opportunities, and contribute in building a supportive community by embracing the many partnerships and programming that must be Defined, Refined, and Accomplished through S.L.E.D.’s Message and Mission.

Check back with the MHA Indy page for updates on SLED’s programs throughout the lifetime of the Vitality Grant.