Mujeres Conectadas Inc.

Mujeres Conectadas has received $143,330.00 to provide support and connection for Latina community members.

Mujeres Conectadas (MC), is a community of Spanish-speaking women that seeks to connect women with resources and tools so that they can achieve personal development through comprehensive well-being and mental health. Las Mujeres que Habito is a year-long program that promotes women’s mental health through workshops for young and adult Latina women. MC has presented a version of this program since 2017.

Las Mujeres que Habito, designed by MC, addresses unique challenges such as discrimination, gender-based violence, and societal expectations that Latina women experience. The program promotes self-care, self-esteem and the development of support networks for families to strengthen mental health and empowerment. Women learn that they can prevent mental health problems through information and tools to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges before they become more demanding social problems. The program fills the void in our Central Indiana Latino communities of women who are underserved in this area and has proven to be especially meaningful for women whose social capital tends to be limited due to their immigration status or the stigma of mental illness in Latino culture.

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