Girl Talk Incorporated

Girl Talk Incorporated has received $138,450.00 to empower and continue bettering programming for female youth and their parents.

Over the past two years, Girl Talk Incorporated has updated curriculum, added mental health partners, and expanded reach from youth to their parents and guardians to better support the community holistically. Their mental health focused programming includes girl’s empowerment, wellness workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and a series of events that engage and promote mental wellness. 

Through individual and group mentoring, Girl Talk provides a confidential outlet of trusted adult mentors who encourage a non-judgmental platform for youth to feel comfortable discussing challenges they are facing. These mentors provide guidance and encouragement to allow youth to feel confident in the decisions they make. Additionally, girls in this program have access to free fitness classes (Hip Hop Step Aerobics, Yoga, Group Strength Training, Cycling, and more), with a 50% discount for parents who choose to attend. 

Additional events/services include Conversations For Our Daughters – an event where families share intimately about their personal experiences, Mother-Daughter Walks – strengthening the mother daughter relationship while conversing and getting exercise, and Mothers Supporting Mothers – brunch events that aims to support mothers in the community by listening and providing resources to help them become the best mother they can be to their children. With professional licensed clinicians, Girl Talk aims to assist mothers in identifying their own trauma and ways it may affect their own life as well as their children/family. Girl talk strives to support women on each of their unique healing journeys.

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