Genesys Solutions

Genesys Solutions has received $219,644.00 for PreVenture programming and wraparound for Indianapolis Students.

The PreVenture program is a personality targeted brief intervention. The program aims to equip youth between the ages of 12 – 17 with self-efficacy and cognitive behavioral skills to help them cope with the numerous developmental challenges that many teens face, such as academic stress, peer pressure, interpersonal conflict, and identity development. The program recognizes the importance of individual differences in how people interpret and cope with varying life challenges. Using the SURPS (Substance Use Risk Profile Scale) questionnaire, all teens are matched with the personality profile they most closely align with. Subsequently they attend workshops led by two trained facilitators. Teens begin to understand how their personality impacts their life and leave these programs equipped with adaptive coping skills that are most relevant to their self-reported personality and coping style. These skills empower teens to make better choices, which in turn, reduces self-harm and suicidal ideations, violence and other negative behaviors.

Additionally, PreVenture is an evidence based selective program designed to reduce adolescent drug and alcohol use in high-risk teenagers and has been shown to reduce substance misuse in adolescents by up to 50%. The workshops focus on motivating adolescents to understand how their personality style leads to certain emotional and behavioral reactions and the development of coping skills. Genesys Solutions has taken steps to ensure the ability to deliver the curriculum to students and communities in their native language (Spanish) and has been delivering this program to children in Marion County for the past two years. The program will target students in the Marion County area, including but not limited to IPS, Charter Schools, Alternative schools, and a variety of community areas.

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