FOCUS Initiatives LTD

FOCUS Initiatives has received $208,517.00 for reentry and family support utilizing peers.

FOCUS Initiatives LTD is comprised of two primary components: FOCUS Reentry and FOCUS Families.FOCUS Reentry is an innovative reentry program that emphasizes the relationship with the community, the strength of peer support, and the empowerment of consciousness-raising. This program offers weekly peer-to-peer mutual aid focused reentry circles, as well as on-call volunteers who are dedicated to assisting with case management services in order to address needs such as housing, food, employment assistance, etc. FOCUS strives to promote community consciousness with an intent to assist with developing an understanding the motivating factors contributing to mass incarceration. These conversations and reading groups highlight the role of race and class in contributing to the inequities that are displayed within the legal system. FOCUS believes that education is important to not only develop an understanding of these systemic issues to organize against these injustices, but to get to the deeper issues and root causes of harm in the community in order to promote true accountability rather than punishment.

While FOCUS Reentry provides support for neighbors returning home in the form of housing, assistance with basic needs, and peer support, FOCUS Families provides support for the families and loved ones of those impacted by the legal system. Consistent with the reentry program, FOCUS Families will also provide weekly support sessions developed from a peer-to-peer model.

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