Adult & Child Mental Health Center, Inc.

Adult & Child Mental Health Center has received $500,000.00 for staffing of a Crisis Stabilization Center.

Adult and Child Health (A&C) has been a leading provider of behavioral health needs for Central Indiana since 1949 as “Child Guidance Clinic of Marion County,” the organization is one of the oldest mental health service providers in the state of Indiana with a longstanding history of working with the local community. A&C offers services across the spectrum of care including behavioral health services, primary care, case management, wraparound, school-based support, skills development, job linkage, therapeutic foster care services, homeless outreach, and transitional living support. Recently, A&C added a Mobile Crisis Response Team throughout Marion and Johnson Counties. Understanding that the need is greater than one organization can meet, A&C works within the community, collaborating with various partners to maximize the effectiveness of these efforts. As mental health and substance abuse issues continue to rise, A&C hopes to bridge the gaps for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

Throughout the term of this grant, A&C will develop a crisis receiving and stabilization service that provides short term care with the capacity for diagnosis, initial management, observation, crisis stabilization, and follow up referral services in a living room model, with the goal of expanding to a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) over time. Individuals utilizing this program will have access to the full care continuum of services at A&C. These services will be available from referrals that include walk-in, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) unit, mobile crisis team, emergency rooms, or additional law enforcement partners. 

Upon arrival, individuals will meet face to face with a member of the A&C therapeutic team who assess for safety, assist the individual in obtaining immediate treatment, and link to services and resources. A Psychiatric APRN will be available to assist with medical and a psychiatric medication evaluation to stabilize mental health crises. If lengthier stay is needed (post 23-hour length of stay), individuals will be further assessed and additional recommendations including acute hospitalization may occur. An Open-Access staff member will be available to triage individuals seeking urgent care, linking them to services across the organization that best fit the individual’s needs.

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