Cornerstone Youth Services INC

Cornerstone Youth Services has received $281,600.00 to continue supporting youth upon release.

Cornerstone Youth Services is a non-profit, grassroots, organization created to address the gap in support for youth ages 12-18. Cornerstone started as a mentoring business for youth in the school system but has expanded to group skills training for youth in the Juvenile Detention Center. With Vitality Funding, Cornerstone Youth Services will begin to offer wrap-around supportive services for youth in the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) pre and post-release. 

Services will expand the Cornerstone Community Connection Program to offer an improved curriculum along with life coaching and career exploration post release. Cornerstone takes a trauma-informed approach to address the impact trauma has had on recidivism for the served population. Services explore childhood experiences, relationships with parents, connections with friends, and self-esteem. They teach skills on balancing stress and emotions with everyday choices as well as skills that improve decision making by following a plan at all times. Cornerstone hopes to restore areas in which childhood trauma has left a space while teaching the importance of loving oneself and knowing that they are entitled to a future.