91 Place

91 Place has received $274,200.00 to provide on-site mental health staffing and programs at The Haven.

91 Place is a youth-led organization, providing a safe place for homeless, street, and runaway youth and young adults. As the only program of its kind in Indianapolis, 100% of the youth served have been involved in the foster care system, abandoned, or told to leave their households by parents and guardians. Youth report generational and systematic issues related to race, culture, gender, trauma, mental health, substance use, poverty, and lack of substantial housing. The consequences of early trauma are present in the form of mental health problems, substance use, victimization and criminal activity, unsafe sexual practices, and barriers to education and employment. The Haven directly addresses gaps in mental health.

Clinical staff from The Haven Therapy Center will directly address and help both youth and staff process trauma. 91 Place, through the Therapy Center will use evidence-based Trauma- Focused Cognitive Based Therapy (TF-CBT), provided by trained mental health clinicians, to help youth identify experiences, feelings, and responses, in an attempt to decrease negative or harmful behaviors. The Haven uses a holistic approach, understanding the impact of early trauma on brain development. By integrating both the body and mind, clinical therapists hope to increase the youth’s ability to understand and manage a trauma response. The Haven uses a Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) approach: an evidence-based practice for working with at-risk youth.

Beginning with the policies and procedures, 91 Place employs a trauma-informed lens when designing and implementing program practices and procedures. 100% of the youth served by 91 Place has identified one or more traumatic experiences. 91 Place continues to research, attend training, and listen to youth about best practices to improve organization responses to trauma.

Learn more about the mission of 91 Place by visiting their website: https://91place.org/