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Indiana Mental Health and Aging Coalition (IMHAC)


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IMHAC councils families

Founded in 1991, the Indiana Mental Health and Aging Coalition (IMHAC) is a coalition of professionals, consumers, individuals, family members, caregivers, agencies and organizations. The Coalition members work in concert to promote wellness among older Hoosiers. The Coalition works to improve the availability and quality of mental health preventative and treatment strategies to older adults and their families.

The Indiana Mental Health and Aging Coalition’s focus is to address issues and overcome barriers as it pertains to an individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and social needs.

IMHAC addresses these issues:

IMHAC overcomes these barriers:

IMHAC’s mission

Enhance the mental health of older adults in Indiana through public education, training, and advocacy by improving access to mental health services, reducing the stigma of mental health and aging, increasing the quality of programs and services, and providing a forum of cooperation and collaboration for the aging and mental health networks.

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