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EmberWood Center


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EmberWood treats addiction

Formerly named Community Addiction Services of Indiana, or CASI, EmberWood Center is now a subsidiary of Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI). EmberWood offers adult and adolescent outpatient drug, alcohol, and gambling treatment and positive youth-development services designed to prevent substance abuse. Our administrative and therapeutic staff are dedicated to providing education and resources on addiction, an issue that affects people from all walks of life.

We are certified by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and the State of Indiana, and we deliver the highest quality outpatient treatment services available. Using evidence-based practices (EBP) ensures the most effective and efficient approach to assisting individuals and families on their path to recovery.

EmberWood is located in Indianapolis. Since 1979, we have been dedicated to serving our neighbors in the community who are most at-risk and in need of supportive services. Though historically focused on a particular geographic location, our doors are open to any individual seeking treatment.

Again, welcome to EmberWood. We look forward to sharing information with you about our services, upcoming plans, news, how we are making an impact on Indianapolis, and how we might expand and improve our organization in the future.

We chose the name EmberWood Center to better reflect the essence of our work and what we would like our name to communicate. “Ember” stands for lighting a pathway towards or the fire of transformation. It gives a sense of starting something new, igniting change. “Wood” expresses the idea that no tree stands alone (no client is alone on his or her journey), but is contained within a forest, and it also implies the capability for growth. A forest is limitless in the paths that can be taken; with thoughtful direction, however, a fulfilling life can be charted.

EmberWood’s mission

Promote growth, respect and integrity through community-based services to address the cycle of addiction with individuals and families.

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