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Stand with Mental Health America of Indiana and help address mental health concerns. The collaboration among our subsidiaries address people’s needs who live with mental illness, while each subsidiary promotes the overall mental health of Hoosiers.

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Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Indiana (DBSAI)

DBSAI educates the nature of depressive and manic-depressive illness as a medical disease, and advocates the elimination of these illnesses.

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EmberWood Center for addiction treatment services

EmberWood Center provides adult treatment services, adolescent treatment services, and prevention services that addresses addiction.

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Indiana Association Substance Abuse Providers (IN-ASAP)

IN-ASAP promotes the mutual interest of substance abuse prevention and treatment programs in Indiana for the expression of public policy.

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Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)

ICAADA provides addiction professional testing to advance credentialing, training, and advocacy in addiction disorder prevention and treatment.

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Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences (INARR)

INARR supports addiction recovery access to residences in Indiana through placement, research and advocacy.

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Indiana National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (INOFAS)

INOFAS educates the public about alcohol risks during pregnancy to reduce fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

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Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition (IAIC)

IAIC advocates effective addiction treatment for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, other substances, or actions so people can recover their independence from addictions.

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Infancy Onward – Supporting First Relationships

Infancy Onward
Infancy Onward advances conditions for infants and children by providing early impacts for mental health and endorsements for professionals to advance their competence.

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Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking (ICRUD)

ICRUD creates healthier and safer environments by reducing the accessibility and availability of alcohol to underage persons.

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Indiana Collegiate Action Network (ICAN)

ICAN is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities in Indiana working to address high risk activities among college students.

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Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)

ICCF specializes in treating all ages faced with traumatic events and provides individual, marital and family therapy for children and adults.

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Indiana Mental Health and Aging Coalition (IMHAC)

IMHAC enhances the mental health of older adults in Indiana through public education, training, and advocacy by improving access to mental health services.

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Junior Mental Health America of Indiana (JMHAI)

JMHAI serves as an educational forum for middle and high school students and provides volunteer and leadership opportunities for its junior MHAI members.

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Our subsidiaries collaborate together to improve mental health

Together, MHAI and its subsidiaries help protect mental health initiatives by developing ways to connect resources and address people’s needs who live with mental illness to achieve mental health victory.

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