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Managed Health Care Ombudsman Program

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Call toll free at 1-877-647-5326

Managed Health Care Ombudsman Program is a program to help people using public health care and signed up in a managed care plan.

The Ombudsman Program is designed to assist MHS members in finding effective ways to resolve concerns or complaints about the benefits and services provided under their MHS coverage plan. The program will provide support to members and their families or representatives and work with MHS and providers to solve problems and misunderstandings and create responses based on an individual’s needs.

All calls are confidential. For hearing impaired members: Indiana Relay Service : 1-800-743-3333 (This number can be used anywhere in Indiana. Ask the operator to connect you to the ombudsman program at: 1-877-647-5326)

We help you find answers to your questions about your MHS benefits and services. We assist you by providing education on members’ rights and guidance navigating the managed health services system.

Other Important numbers: MHS Member Services – 1-877-MHS-4U4U (Language assistance is available through Language Line personal interpreter service.)

Who should Contact us? Members of an MHS coverage plan or the members’ legal representatives who:

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