Integrated Reentry and Correctional Support (IRACS)

The Integrated Reentry and Correctional Support (IRACS) program was created in response to the tremendous impact incarceration can have on individuals and their families here in Indiana. When people find themselves incarcerated, IRACS teams can be there to provide a vast array of services and supports each step of their journey through the criminal justice system. Upon release, IRACS teams in collaboration with our community IRN counterparts, can be there to walk forward with you or your loved one, each step of the way. IRACS provides peer support teams working daily within the jails to meet people right where they are. Providing recovery resources, individual and group peer support, access to treatment and vital recovery supports during reentry or being there to provide information to loved ones and system partners looking to support the needs of those justice involved. With the strong collaboration with criminal justice partners, IRACS peers provide another layer of support for people in need. Working together to strengthen how we identify the needs of those who are incarcerated and move on with them upon reentry to ensure the help they need moves with them, as move forward on their recovery journey.