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Gifts at work

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Your gifts assist the organization in accomplishing the mission every day. Mental illness and addictions issues are conditions that frequently need professional treatment….just like a physical ailment. It is important that people know how to find information to understand when to seek help and where to go for help. With your gift, we will not only continue our programs, we will continue to grow our programs and to add programs that are needed in our community. Our services make a big difference in helping people and their family members lead happy and productive lives.

Here are some examples of the programs at Mental Health America of Indiana and its subsidiaries.

Ombudsman programs

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Mental Health America of Indiana has a variety of Ombudsman programs to assist people in maneuvering care systems in Indiana. People can contact our 1-800 numbers to reach a professional who will use their experience and understanding of systems of care to answer questions about the system, work with provider to help the caller solve problems or point the caller in the right direction for the care that they seek.

Infant and toddler mentorship program

Did you realize that during the infant and toddler years babies, along with their caregivers, are creating their emotional foundation that will guide them into their lives? It is important to identify problems early on in the infant/caregiver relationship so that babies can develop strong emotional foundations. The utilizes professionals who are trained in pediatric care that can be paired with medical professionals in rural parts of the state to help train them about infant and toddler mental healthcare issues.

Workforce development programs

Because work can add value to the quality of living for many individuals, the organization provides Workforce Development Programs by working in coalition with providers to connect their employment staff with employers who will hire people with mental illnesses, people in recovery and others who might need help entering the workforce.

Financial literacy programs

How did you learn how to manage your money? Mental Health America of Indiana offers Financial Literacy Programs that help people understand how to better use their resources. Programs include classroom training, volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) and housing information using Individual Development Accounts.

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Our subsidiaries collaborate together to improve mental health

Together, MHAI and its subsidiaries help protect mental health initiatives by developing ways to connect resources and address people’s needs who live with mental illness to achieve mental health victory.

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