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The staff of Mental Health America of Indiana and its subsidiary organizations are instrumental in accomplishing the goals of the organization. Without their dedication to and support of the organization, the good works could not continue. We thank the staff for their continued passion for the mission of the organization.


Stephen C. McCaffrey J.D.

President and CEO for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)
Stephen C. McCaffrey J.D.

McCaffrey earned his undergraduate degree from Purdue University and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis, and been with Mental Health America of Indiana since 1991. McCaffrey is a recipient of the Webster-Kipfer Award for special achievement in public policy advocacy, former vice chairman for public affairs at the National Mental Health Association, former member of the board of directors at the National Mental Health Association, and former board member at the American Society of Mental Health Association Professionals. McCaffrey was named to the national directory of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals and by the Indiana Business Journal as a member of Who’s Who in Indiana Health Care. McCaffrey received gubernatorial appointments to the Indiana Mental Health Commission and the Medicaid Quality Advisory Committee. McCaffrey serves as chair of the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Advisory Committee.


Brooke Mourey

Victim Intake Coordinator for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)

Mourey is an undergraduate student at the University of Indianapolis where she studies psychology and pre-art therapy with a concentration in clinical and counseling psychology. Mourey started with as intern for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI) and then hired as a part-time victim intake coordinator. Mourey plans to attend graduate school for mental health counseling and art therapy.


Pam Jacobs

Senior Accountant for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)

Jacobs worked in accounting for 37 years after graduating from Indiana Business College. Jacobs worked for a beverage manufacturing company, then for a nonprofit dedicated to impacting early child care education. Jacobs enjoys reading and traveling when she is able.


David Berman

Organization Director and Director of Development for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI), Director for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Indiana, Chair for Indiana Suicide Prevention Network (ISPN), and Indiana Recovery Council for Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA)
David Berman


Stanley DeKemper, II

Executive Director for Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)
Stanley DeKemper, II

DeKemper is a long-time trainer and advocate for the provision of addiction services. DeKemper is experienced as a training officer for the Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA), director for the Fairbanks Research and Training Institute, and president for Unlimited Synergy. DeKemper holds certifications from the American Council on Education, Addiction Technolgoy Transfer Center, Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery, National Drug Abuse Training Center, National Institute on Drug Abuse, and National Institute on Alcoholism and Alchool Abuse. DeKemper has a BA from Purdue University in psychology and completed significant graduate work in organizational development.


Chad Barr

Director of IT Strategy and Analysis for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI), and Therapist
Chad Barr


Melissa Bechtel, CPA

Controller for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)
Melissa Bechtel, CPA

Bechtel became the controller for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI) in 2012. Bechtel worked for a big six CPA firm and in corporate accounting for eight years after graduating with honors and with a bachelor of arts degree in accounting from Ball State University.


Jill Zimmer, M.A., LMFTA

Child and Family Therapist for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)

Zimmer completed her master of arts degree in marriage and family therapy from Christian Theological Seminary. Zimmer practiced at Christian Theological Seminary in their residency program gaining experience in multi-cultural issues and family therapy. Zimmer specializes in assisting families explore answers to difficult life problems and life transitions. While Zimmer prioritizes family interactions, she works individually with children, teens, and adults who experienced trauma, grief, and other mental health issues. Zimmer is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) providing children’s advocacy through the Indiana juvenile court system and is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).


Julie Bingham MA, LMHC

Director for Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)
Julie Bingham MA, LMHC

Bingham received her master’s in counseling psychology and bachelor’s in sociology from Ball State University. Bingham worked as a therapist in the community mental health field and school social work. Bingham specializes in play therapy, behavioral modification, and the treatment of child abuse victims and their families.


Lynn Calaway

Office Manager for Indiana Counselor’s Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)


Debra J. Dial, JD

Director of Legal and Client Advocacy for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI), and Managed Health Services Ombudsman
Debra J. Dial, JD

Dial provided services to and advocated for individuals with disabilities for 30 years. Dial was a therapist for 10 years, and completed law school while working as a therapist. She continues serving individuals with disabilities through legal advocacy and representation. Dial earned her undergraduate degree at Indiana University and completed her Doctor of Jurisprudence at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. Dial expanded Mental Health America of Indiana’s advocacy program to include the provision of legal services to individuals affected by mental illness, addictions, or other disabilities.


Heather A. Eberth-Teike, MSW, LCSW

Assistant Director and Clinical Supervisor for the Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)

Eberth-Teike received a master’s of social work degree from Indiana University and bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Indianapolis. Eberth-Teike is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specially trained in the treatment of adult relationships, parent education, and families. Eberth-Teike brings valued experience in the areas of special needs, behaviorally disordered, and abused and neglected children, youth and adolescents. Eberth-Teike is a credentialed mental health specialist and equine specialist that lends unique qualifications in experiential therapy to her clinical and leadership skills.


Lori Goins, MA

Executive Director for Emberwood Center

Goins is responsible for facilitating the Spanish alcohol and drug groups for adults and providing aftercare tracking for our adolescent team. Goins has a master’s degree and 14 years of experience in the criminal justice system with a focus on programming.


Marla Greenway

HR Director and Operation Manager for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)
Marla Greenway

Greenway worked in the social service field for 15 years with the majority of the time being spent in nonprofit organizations. Greenway worked in the addictions field for 10 years and enjoys spending time with her three children.


Julie Biffle, MS, LMHCA

Child and Family Therapist for Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)

Biffle earned her bachelor’s of science degree in psychology at the New York Institute of Technology at Ellis College in 2008 and completed her master of science in mental health counseling at Walden University in 2016. Biffle served six years of active duty service in the United States Navy and has experience helping military veterans at the Roudebush VA Medical Center and VA Regional Office. Biffle obtained her LMHCA license in 2017.  Biffle’s work experience includes working with addiction and co-occurring disorders, working with teenagers and children in a school-based setting, and working with minority families.


Emalee Moore

Child and Family Advocate for Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)

Moore graduated from IUPUI in 2018 with her first bachelor’s degree. Moore worked with people of all ages and backgrounds through mentorships and coaching, and strives to impact the lives of those she works with through encouragement.


Rebekah Gorrell

Executive Assistant to the President for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)
Rebekah Gorrell

Gorrell has five-year’s experience in the hospitality industry coordinating special events for major corporations and political dignitaries at the highest level of state government. Gorrell is an experience lead trainer and banquet captain for the Indiana Roof Ballroom.


Shar’ron Mason

Mason is passionate for helping families, couples and individuals to become their best selves and to live fulfilling lives. Mason loves working with adolescents and is astounded at their resiliency and creativity. Mason is a cum laude graduate from the Christian Theological Seminary where she earned her master’s of art degree in marriage and family therapy in 2015. Mason received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) in general studies.


Brandon George

Director for the Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition (IAIC)
Brandon George

As a person in long-term recovery, George has dedicated personal and professional time to fight addiction and promote recovery. His personal experience, education, and professional accomplishments give him a unique perspective and outlook on both addiction and recovery. Professionally, he comes from a treatment background and served as the CEO for Pro-Active Resources. George sits on Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s Drug Task Force and on boards for multiple organizations in the community. George is a keynote speaker throughout the state at multiple events on a wide range of topics. George has a bachelor’s of science degree in addiction counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University, and is an active member in the recovery community.


Larry Blue

Director for the Indiana Affiliation of Recovery Residences

Blue is the author of fifteen newspaper articles regarding spirituality and recovery. Blue is in recovery from the alphabet of addiction including gambling and is as a chaplain, licensed addictions counselor, minister, and recovery group leader trainer.


Rebecca Gee, MA, IMH-E

Director and Endorsement Coordinator for Infancy Onward

Gee holds a master’s of arts degree from Ball State University in the area of special education. She earned graduate certificates in early childhood education and autism. Gee is the lead staff on the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Committee.


Kimberly Miller


Lisa Hutcheson, MEd

Vice President for Policy and Programs for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI), and Director for the Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking

Hutcheson advocates for stronger local and state policies and laws and coalitions to reduce youth access to alcohol. Hutcheson holds a bachelor’s of science in psychology and a master’s of education degree in counseling. Hutcheson is part of Mental Health America of Indiana’s lobbying team and supervises the Mental Health and Public Assistance Ombudsman program, Managed Care Ombudsman program, Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition, and Indiana Collegiate Action Network.


Raquel Knight

Customer Service Representative for the Emberwood Center


Robert Scott

Administrative Assistant for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)


Sandra W. French MS, EdS, LMHC, NCC

Clinical Associate and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)

French earned her bachelor’s of arts degree in psychology from Purdue University and master’s of science and educational specialist degrees in counseling from Indiana University. French worked in the community mental health field for schools and private practice. French specializes in play therapy, divorce recovery, and treatment of child abuse victims and their families.


Alexandra Sites, BS

Billing Specialist for Indiana Center for Children and Families (ICCF)

Sites returned to the Indiana Center for Children and Families administrative team in 2016 after working as a family case manager for the Department of Child Services. Sites earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and worked in several roles for the Indiana Center for Children and Families since 2012. Site is experienced in customer service, accounts receivable, retail and restaurant management, and grant development and management.


Kris Griffin

Director for the Mental Health Ombudsman Program for Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI)

Griffin worked consistently in the field of clinical psychology since 1994 when her career began at Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital (then Wishard Memorial Hospital) in-patient units. Griffin earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Purdue School of Science. Griffin worked with adult and adolescent psychiatric patients in acute in-patient settings and served as supervisor at a substance-abuse clinic in Indianapolis for seven years. Griffin’s roles as the statewide Mental Health and Addictions Ombudsman makes her part of a group of select few in the statewide network of mental health professionals mandated by the Indiana General Assembly to advocate for the rights of persons with mental illness, chemical addictions, and their families.

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