What Makes MHAI Effective?

MHAI's successes have been possible because of what makes us unique as an organization. Here are some of the keys to our success.

Statewide Presence: Our network of 40 affiliates provides a strategic local presence for our many advocacy and education efforts. These local mental health America affiliates are staffed by professionals who are able to implement programs, build coalitions, generate media and deliver services.

Advocacy Leadership: MHAI is a strong voice at the state and local levels for policies that expand opportunities for people with mental illness and addiction disorders. We are well positioned to regularly influence legislation and policy discussions that impact mental healthcare and addiction services.

Broad-Based Perspective: MHAI represents a diverse network of mental health consumers, advocates, individuals in recovery, family members, providers and other stakeholders who embrace our public health perspective. Under this umbrella, we bring multiple communities together to promote the importance of mental health and addiction in all aspects of health and in all stages of life, from birth through old age.

Coalitions and Partnerships: Building and leading coalitions is a hallmark of MHAI and its affiliate network. We recognize the importance of partnerships in accomplishing our goals. In the mental health field, MHAI is considered an organization able to bring together different factions to address complex issues.

Consumer Focus: MHAI maintains a strong focus on individuals with mental illnesses and addictions. We stress consumer participation and empowerment in all of our activities. In fact, adult consumers represent a major presence throughout our leadership, staff and affiliate network.

Children's Advocacy: MHAI places a special emphasis on children's mental health. We are outspoken advocates for the vast numbers of children and teens with mental and emotional disorders who receive little or no treatment.

Education and Communications Expertise: MHAI has a successful track record for developing and implementing public education and communication strategies that encourage individuals to pursue recovery from mental illnesses and addiction disorders. Strong relationships with various members of the national, regional and trade media help us communicate our messages and advance our efforts.